Johnny Piñata: Bama Fans Ready for Manziel


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Ever felt like swinging at Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel? One bar in Mountain Brook, Alabama lets you do just that with a piñata.

Fans of the University of Alabama are known for their confidence--which some may consider cockiness--and the attitude for the upcoming game against Texas A&M is no different. Crimson Tide fans are expecting their team to retain their AP Poll No. 1 ranking this week and are having a little fun getting ready for the game. A bar in Mountain Brook, Alabama has taken things to another level with their piñata of Heisman winner Johnny Manziel.

Otey's Tavern owner Will Haver has watched his bar make national headlines after posting a picture of a 30-inch piñata called "Johnny Piñata" on Facebook. Haver is using the piñata as part of a trivia night promotion. The piñata is a likeness of Johnny Football and is complete with cash in one hand and a Sharpie marker in the other. In a post on Facebook acknowledging all of the media attention, Otey's Tavern said, "Our concern is, will all this attention go to Johnny's head?"

So far, Haver doesn't have any plans for the piñata set in stone. "We don't know what we are going to do with it besides hang it up in the tavern and see if we can't get some people to come by and take pictures," Haver told "Maybe we will have a bashing on Wednesday night, or, if he can make it all the way to the football game on Saturday, then after the game, we may do it some more."

Judging from the pictures posted to Otey's Tavern Facebook page, Alabama fans are having a lot of fun with Johnny Piñata. Considering Manziel has been criticized over the past week for taunting Rice players, many are ready to see the Aggies quarterback taken down a notch. Bama opened as 7 point favorites earlier in the week in the game that will be played in College Station on Saturday.

Some college football fans on Twitter think the bar is taking things too far with Johnny Piñata since they are mocking a 20-year-old student athlete, while others are enjoying the trash talk leading up to one of the biggest games of the season. What do you think? Add your comments about the piñata gimmick and game predictions below.

Image via Facebook