Johnny Manziel Addresses Last Weekend's Fight


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Johnny Manziel finally addressed last Saturday's incident, which involved a Browns fan getting into an altercation with the quarterback and members of his crew in the lobby of Manziel's condo building.

Maziel told reporters today from the Browns' locker room that the man, Chris Gonos from Ohio, was "very intoxicated" and "very aggressive." The former Heisman Trophy winner also contended that Gonos, "came at me, put his hands on me, was extremely aggressive."

"It was a very unfortunate situation, a situation that was tried to be averted at all costs, and one that [I] was unfortunately not able to really get away from," Manziel said. "I let [the Browns] know what really happened and wanted them to be on top of it from the very get-go. I'm very thankful for the Browns having my back in all this and at the same time supporting me on a situation that seemed to be a little blown out of proportion."

According to the police report filed by Gonos, the incident in question occurred around 2:30 am last Saturday when Gonos realized that Manziel was at the apartment complex located in downtown Cleveland. Gonos approached Manziel and said, "I'm the biggest Browns fan ever, I love you, I want to give you a hug." Gonos also claimed that he was then punched in the face by someone from Manziel's entourage. The situation then turned into a fight. Gonos also reported that Manziel hit his brother, who subsequently tackled Manziel.

According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Manziel did not say whether he took or threw a punch. Manziel's face did not appear to show any signs that he was hit, which contradicts the report filed by Gonos. No arrests were made following the incident, and Manziel was never questioned by police.

Manziel is currently the backup quarterback to Brian Hoyer. The Browns are a respectable 7 - 4, however, they are in fourth place in a very competitive AFC Northern Division. They will face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in Buffalo.

Cleveland's head coach Mike Pettine stated that Manziel's incident last weekend would not factor into his standing with the organization.