John Stamos Taking Quadruple Amputee to Disneyland


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Former "Full House" star and teen idol, John Stamos, has promised 19 year-old, quadruple amputee Kaitlyn Dobrow a date to Disneyland.

Kaitlyn has been living in the hospital, at Irvine Medical Center in Southern California, since February. She had contracted meningocococcemia, a vicious bacterial infection that is related to meningitis and moves through the blood stream cutting off circulation to the limbs. Kaitlyn has undergone 12 surgeries and multiple skin grafts, including the amputations of all four of her limbs.

Even after all that Kaitlyn has been through, her mother still says that she remains positive and upbeat. “Kaitlynn has had an amazingly positive and courageous attitude throughout this illness and is determined to have a happy, fulfilling life, believing that God has an awesome plan for her future. She is my hero,” her mother said.

Stamos visited Kaitlyn in the hospital today and posted a picture with her saying, "I'm ONLY doing this cause they asked. I said no press. But this story is a must read... plus me and katie have a date to Disneyland."

Kaitlyn's mother set up a page on the "Give Forward" fundraising website to help with Kaitlyn's hospital costs. The page raised a total of $77,736 in donations. "Kaitlyn Dobrow is our 18-year-old daughter. She was a typical busy teenager, and had tons of energy. She worked, danced, boxed, and did mixed martial arts. She loved cooking and going out with her friends, rarely being at home," Dobrow's mother wrote in Kaitlyn's biography. You can read Kaitlyn's full bio on "Give Forward's" website, or on her Facebook page "Caring for Katie".

Kristen Kidd, Kaitlyn's best friend, thanked Stamos for his visit through a tweet: