John Krasinski Is The Subject Of A Jimmy Kimmel Prank [Video]


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Jimmy Kimmel has never hesitated to pull a good prank, and this time, John Krasinski has become the victim. The talk show host pulled an epic prank on Krasinksi and Emily Blunt, by turning their house into a winter wonderland.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt just happen to be neighbors to Jimmy Kimmel, and as a result, they have fallen victim to a Jimmy Kimmel prank. The ultimate prank occurred during the November 20th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it seems that it is a tradition of his to vandalize his neighbor's home.

Several years ago, the celebrity couple pulled a prank on Kimmel after he made the mistake of giving him their key, and ever since then, he has worked hard to get them back. This year, he has elevated the game even higher.

He talked about the prank that they had pulled on him, and then explained that he had to get them back, sharing stories from his previous pranks.

He wanted to do all that he could to make an example of John Krasinski this year, and after this year's prank, it may be safe to say that he has finally gotten him back.

This year, Kimmel essentially turned his house into a Christmas tree with decorations everywhere, saying on the show that "While John was at work we brought in trains and trees and candy canes. We wrapped more than 200 fake gifts. We covered the threes with bows and lights and snowflakes. We brought in giant toy soldier soldiers, fake snow and ornaments. We wrapped the doors, we wrapped the windows—we gift-wrapped every inch of the house."

John Krasinski, as the former star of The Office, and several comedy movies, certainly knows how to take a joke, and played it off very well.

After such an elaborate scheme, Krasinski does not think it is possible to get Kimmel back, saying "You know what the worst part is, I'll never get him back for something like this. I don't have enough money to do something like this."

John Krasinski also sent a message to the host from his tablet saying that he did not knowi t was him. In an ongoing battle out of neighborly friendship, Krasinski also told Kimmel that he loved him, and hate him. That last part is simply a joke of course, and their comedic antics have gone viral for everyone to see.

Image via Youtube