John Andrew Welden Pleads Guilty


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John Andrew Welden has plead guilty to charges of tampering and mail fraud. Welden admitted that he forged a signature on a prescription in order to obtain the abortion pill and switched the label on the bottle to amoxicillin in order to trick his pregnant girlfriend into taking the pill.

Welden’s girlfriend, Remee Lee was almost 7 weeks pregnant when she took the pill and started bleeding. After seeing a doctor she was told that she had lost her baby and had been given medicine that is prescribed to induce labor and abortions. Lee who is 26 years old, wanted to keep the baby even though Welden did not. Welden had tried to talk her into having an abortion but she refused him.

Welden’s father is an OBGYN who was seeing Lee for her prenatal care. After finding that Lee has a bacterial infection, he prescribed her the amoxicillin. This is when his son John Andrew decided to make his move and trick his pregnant girlfriend into taking the abortion pill. Not only did he change the label, he also directed her to take the pill three times a day. Lee began to bleed after taking only one pill.

Now that Welden has plead guilty he could face more than 13 years in jail. At 28 years old, he may not be out before he is 40. Although the defense says that pleading guilty is always a risky move, they maintain that Welden admits what he has done and is willing to take responsibility for it. John Andrew Welden is scheduled to be sentenced December 5.

Image from Wikimedia Commons