Joe Flacco Banners Anger Denver Fans


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Sports fans tend to hold grudges. All it takes is one crushing victory against their team and you face a lifetime of at least mild hatred from that city. That is just what is happening in Denver in the lead up to the season opening game between the Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who played a major role in the team's upset of the Broncos in last year's playoffs, isn't exactly the most beloved player in Denver these days. That's what makes his appearance on posters and giant banners around the city so unacceptable to fans. As part of the NFL marketing campaign for the rematch the posters have been spread throughout town, including a giant banner on the side of Denver's home stadium.

Even though it hangs adjacent to a similar banner of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, fans are still unhappy with the decision. Some fans have even drawn mustaches and other objects on the Flacco posters. There is even an online petition circulating in hopes of forcing the league to remove the banners.

In the end, it is a case of either Denver fans being sore losers or the NFL overstepping its marketing boundaries and embarrassing one of its premier franchises. Either way, the posters and banners are sure to light a fire under the Denver players and you can rest assured that they will be out for revenge on opening night.

[Image via 7News on YouTube]