Jodie Sweetin Starts 2014 On a Good Note


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Jodie Sweetin, best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on ABC's Full House, has had her fair share of bad news and downfalls over the years. Not only was she essentially a one-hit-wonder with her 90's sitcom, but Sweetin has also spent years battling drug addictions - an issue which has affected both her acting career and her three marriages.

Despite her past difficulties, however, Sweetin has decided to start 2014 on the right foot. According to TMZ, Sweetin has finally paid off a debt she has owed the IRS since 2009. During that year, Sweetin apparently "forgot" to pay her income taxes, resulting in her owing the IRS $53,626.29.

This news is the first positive news to come from the Sweetin camp in quite some time. In fall of 2013, rumors abounded once again concerning Sweetin's relapse and re-entry into a rehab facility. The reports stated that Sweetin had checked into a facility which cost $50,000 per month following her divorce from her third husband, Morty Coyle.

Fortunately for Sweetin and her fans, the rumors were not true. Instead, Sweetin reported that she was actually working at the facility, stating that rumors of her relapse were "such bulls**t."

Sweetin was employed as a clinical logistics coordinator at the Los Angeles-based rehab center. Rumors of her staying at the rehab center proved to be true, but in a different light then most people imagined: "I work for the center and they have been really generous in helping me with a place to stay as Morty wanted me out by the end of the month. The owners of the facility said I could stay here as I got things figured out," stated Sweetin.

Sweetin's divorce from Morty Coyle marked the end of her third marriage. The couple had one child together, 2 year old Beatrix.

Image via Twitter