Jimmy Kimmel's Facebook Police Make Sure You Accept Your Mom's Friend Request

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If a Facebook Police unit existed, what crimes would they arrest you for? Excessive posting of dog photos? Second degree posting of political status updates?

Jimmy Kimmel imagines a Facebook Police unit that makes sure you respond to that girl that poked you awhile ago, accept your mother's friend request, and change your profile picture to something more appropriate.

While discussing the new Facebook Timeline rollout, where every user will be required to update to the new profile, Kimmel wondered how Facebook would enforce such a mandate. With brute force, that's how:

As you probably know, Kimmel is behind an annual event known as "National Unfriend Day." On November 17th, 2011, Facebook users were asked to clean out their friends list by dumping everyone who simply failed to matter anymore. There was even a point system designed to let users know if they should unfriend someone. One of the top offenses, using the phrase "amazeballs," was worth 40 points.

Maybe next year, the Facebook Police will make sure more people participate in NUD.

Josh Wolford

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