Jimmy Bivins, Heavyweight Boxer, Dies at 92


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It is always sad to see such well-known talent go, especially the boxing talent that Jimmy Bivins had. Jimmy Bivins was a Heavyweight Boxer from Dry Branch, Georgia; however, Bivins was involved with fighting and defending from the town of Cleveland, OH. While active from the years 1940-1955, Bivins beat eight future world champions, but never received the title himself. Although, Bivins was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1999.

During his career, Bivins got to fight against other various well-known boxers, such as: Anton Christoforidis, Teddy Yarosz, Curtis Sheppard, Melio Bettina, Billy Soose, Gus Lesnevich, and Jersey Joe Walcott.

Jimmy Bivins' boxing statistics have been provided below.

  • Total Fights: 112
  • Total Wins: 86
  • Total Wins (by KO): 31
  • Total Losses: 25
  • Total Draws: 1

To see some of Jimmy Bivins' fighting techniques, please view the YouTube video below.

Jimmy Bivins died on Wednesday, July 4th in a nursing home in Cleveland, OH. Bivins was 92 when he passed away. The Twitterverse has been active paying their respects to this great boxing legend: