Jim Carrey Bails On "Dumb & Dumber" Sequel

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Jim Carrey has announced he won't be doing the sequel to "Dumb And Dumber", just weeks after director Peter Farelly announced he would be doing it.

The flip-flopping has apparently come about because he's unhappy with the way the studio is treating it, saying he doesn't feel like anyone is as enthusiastic about the project as he is. Sources close to the project have confirmed that the movie won't be made unless he changes his mind, because the creative minds in charge don't want to do it without the original stars.

The sequel has been a long time in the making, considering the first film came out in 1994; it spawned a "prequel" in 2003 which couldn't find an eager fan base since it couldn't recreate the chemistry created by the original stars. Apparently, people aren't too bummed about the sequel going into the crapper, viewing it as a colossal mistake.

Amanda Crum
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