Jill Duggar is "Very Happy" in Her Covenant Marriage

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Jill Duggar, product of Bob and Michelle Duggar and the TLC reality series 19 Kids & Counting, is "really, really happy" to be married, according to her mother.

"I think it’s been a very smooth transition for Jill and Derick," Michelle wrote on her blog. "Jill had so much help from her siblings to make the transition, helping her pack up her stuff at our house, moving and unpacking at her new home. They have their schedule already -- they get up and off to work or Jill works on her studies. Sometimes she’ll pop by our place since it’s awfully quiet at her house. She’s so used to studying with noise."

Jill, 23, was married to Derick Michael Dillard on June 21 of this year in Arkansas, one of three states in America that offer a covenant marriage option.

For those that aren't familiar, the covenant marriage law allows for couples to agree up front that they will seek counseling before a divorce could be granted. It also offers more limited grounds for divorce and increases the time that a separation has to be in place before a divorce can be granted.

"I signed their covenant marriage certificate," Derick's mom, Cathy, 57, told People. "It was so special. But it wouldn't matter if they chose that type of marriage certificate or not, those two would still have a covenant marriage."

"Derick has a very goofy personality and it hasn't quite shown it all," college room mate Stephen Jones said, referring to what Derick has shown on the television show. "There's more to come. But as a couple, Jill and Derick fit together very well – from their personalities, their love for each other and their hearts for God."

Jill and Derick are already expecting their fist child, a boy, in March 2015.

"We're open to as many children as God will give us," Jill told FOX & Friends.

But Jill isn't the only Duggar child to recently tie the knot. Her younger sister, Jessa, got married to Ben Seewald on November 3. Seemingly happy, Jessa has posted several pictures of her and Seewald on Instagram locking lips, something they were not allowed to do before they were married.

It's great living life with your best friend! @ben_seewald

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"It’s just so sweet to watch these guys and girls that are really in love," Michelle wrote. "Love is in the air and it’s good for all of us to be around that, even if the little siblings have to go, “Oh no, they’re kissing again, oh my!”

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