Jill (Duggar) Dillard Excited About the Start of Her Second Trimester and the End to 'All-day' Morning Sickness

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As Jill (Duggar) Dillard heads into the second trimester of her pregnancy, the daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame, is looking forward to the end of the morning sickness she calls an "all day" affair.

The 23-year-old mama-to-be, who announced her pregnancy in August, told People magazine that she is already feeling a bit better from the sickness that seemed to never end.

"The last couple of days I have had a little bit of a break from the craziness of morning sickness, more like all day sickness, and that has been a blessing," said Jill.

Jill said her 47-year-old mom has been a great resource as she navigates her way through the mysteries and trials of pregnancy.

"I ask my mom a lot questions," Jill said. "I'll ask, 'How do you feel at this point?' and 'What did you do at this point?' Her morning sickness wore off about now, and she started feeling better. She told me she was craving sour stuff and then she didn't want sour stuff. I am still kind of in the middle."

Not only has her mom been a huge help during these trying early months, her 25-year-old husband, Derick Dillard, has been doting on his new wife, making the experience all the more bearable.

"Derick is so good," Jill says. "He brought me breakfast in bed yesterday."

The start of her second trimester and the end of the morning sickness brings more good news for Jill — a renewed desire to cook again.

"I made taco soup, tater tot casserole and pumpkin bread," she said. "The pumpkin bread was something I was craving. It was good. I asked one of my friends to text me her recipe and she did and said, 'Never stand in the way of a pregnant woman and food.' It was wonderful to be able to cook again."

Jill says another perk about feeling better is she feels more like getting into the preparations for their little arrival this spring.

"Next week is my second trimester, I am so excited," Jill told People. "Now that I am feeling better, we are going to start getting things ready for the baby and start thinking of names seriously. Finding out the gender soon will help with that."

Unlike many expectant parents these days who prefer to wait until the second trimester to reveal the news about their pregnancy, the Dilliards decided they couldn't wait to announce the news after praying about the decision.

"Most people, the reason why they wouldn't share pregnancy news early, [they] are afraid of miscarriage risks," she said. "We prayed about it, and the film crew asked us if we wanted to wait. But we knew we would share if we did miscarry. We believe that life is precious no matter how young and you would still want to remember that baby."

Jill concedes that miscarriage is always a possibility. In fact, Jill's mom shared her own heartbreak when she delivered a stillborn baby girl they named Jubilee.

"So many pregnancies do end in miscarriage," said Jill, "and there are lots of women who grieve the loss of babies in private and don't have support."

For Jill and Derick, God is in control of their lives, and they prefer to share every aspect of their lives and their faith openly.

Pam Wright