Jessica Canseco Gets Lady Parts Lasered On New Show

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Jessica Canseco, ex-wife of baseball star Jose, has joined a group of women who were married to famous men for a new show on VH1, "Hollywood Exes".

The show follows the women--who are all varied as far as their love lives go--as they try to carve out their own niche in L.A. The exes include Mayte Garcia, who was married to Prince; Nicole Murphy, who was married to Eddie Murphy; Andrea Kelly, who was married to R. Kelly; and Sheree Fletcher, who was married to Will Smith.

While some of the women are ready to find love again--namely Mayte, who hasn't found true love since her relationship with Prince ended, although she was engaged to Tommy Lee briefly--some of the others, like Jessica, say the last thing they need is a relationship. She does, however, undergo a laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment on camera, as Nicole Murphy watches.

"Why?!" Nicole asks.

" should see what happens. It makes everything the same color, it tightens everything on the outside. Looks like a 12-year old," Jessica replies.

Other than that, the first episode is not without drama and big reveals, as it sees Mayte hire a matchmaker in an effort to find a man who won't be intimidated by her past loves, and Jessica is approached by Jose with a very unorthodox proposition. Also, Nicole Murphy reveals that she had a huge amount of money stolen from her and is pursuing legal action involving her bank.

Though the women are at different places in their lives, one thing they all agree on is that they want the public to see them as individuals, rather than staying in the shadow of their former loves.

"Yes, we were married to them, but we’re all individuals. I’m an artist, she’s an artist, she has a business. It’s about showing who we are, so I decided to do it," Garcia said.

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