Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake Go for the Twin Win

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Jess came out—and looked amazing—in a matchy-matchy suit that closely resembled hubby Justin Timberlake's suit. According to E! Jessica's ensemble was a feminine take on Justin's black pants with a white shirt underneath the black jacket.

Both Timberlake, 32, and Biel, 21, wore tuxedo jackets, white shirts and fitted trousers. According to US Weekly, Biel's menswear-inspired look resembled closely her husbands, except that her shirt was noticeably more sheer, and was cinched and clasped at the waist. Her suit is from Dolce & Gabbana and she accessorized the look with mini-briefcase-like Mark Cross "grace box" bag, which retails for $2,250. The 7th Heaven alum wore very little makeup, and completely the boyish look by wearing her hair slicked back in a tight bun to compliment Justin's slick 'do. She also wore beautiful Martin Katz jewelry.

She was there to support her handsome husband, who stars in Runner Runner alongside Ben Affleck. In the film, Timberlake plays a poor college student in who gets cheated out of his tuition money in a game of online poker. When he tries to confront the site's owner, played by Ben, he ends up teaming up with him. Things take a dangerous, dramatic turn, though, when an FBI agent tries to turn Justin's character against Ben's.

Unfortunately, this is not the only instance of matchy couple cuteness between the duo. People reports that they went straight for the twin win during London Fashion Week in February, too. Both of them sported silky blue blazers at the Tom Ford show and even posed with matching flutes of champagne. Then there's the casual stroll through N.Y.C. basically looking like they planned it, in long jackets, jeans, sunglasses and black boot with even their strides matching. I wonder which one of them plans the outfits?

I'm guessing Justin, simply because of the awesome fashion...situation...from 12 years ago with Britney Spears and the infamous matching denim suits. Yikes. That, and by herself Jessica Biel is usually quite the fashion maven.

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