Jerry Seinfeld Throws Bat Mitzvah Bash For Daughter


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Being the child of a celebrity isn't bad, especially if you happen to be the child of comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

While many a Jewish boy and girl has entered into adulthood with a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, their guests usually consist of family, classmates, and some of their parent's friends. And they may get a local DJ to perform some of the latest tunes. Sascha Seinfeld recently had her bat mitzvah, and while she had all the normal things every Jewish boy and girl experience at this special moment, her guest list included people that many across the world would recognize. Just the territory of being a celebrity kid.

Sascha, Seinfeld's oldest child, turned 13 a few weeks ago, and at that time, she enjoyed a birthday cake with thirteen lit candles. Her mom, Jessica Seinfeld, posted the following photo of Sascha blowing out her birthday candles with the caption, "This is 13."

Seinfeld took some time off from touring to host the star studded event which included Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen and television journalist George Stephanopoulos, both of whom are close family friends.

Wonder which celebrities will be invited to the bar mitzvah's for the Seinfeld's sons Shepherd and Julian?

Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, posted photos from the Jewish "coming of age ritual" on her Instagram.

One photo included the couple's son Shepherd, Jerry, Stephanopoulos, and Cohen with the caption, "Shepherd and the Get Fresh Crew."

She also posted a photo of Sascha turning up a bottle of Martinelli's Apple Cider with the caption, "Gettin' faded pre-bat mitzvah," a few days before the bat mitzvah bash.

Now cool your britches, she may be 13 and a celebrity kid, but she isn't going HAM - that's regular cider she's sipping, not "hard" cider. It seems like anyone with the last name "Seinfeld" has a good sense of humor.

So mazeltov Sascha! Welcome to female adulthood!

[Image via Jessica Seinfeld's Instagram.]