Jeremy Bieber Speaks Out About Son's Arrest


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After Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami for DUI, street racing and driving with an expired license, many people wondered if the young star was headed on a downward spiral.

Bieber fans flooded social networks with messages of support and kind words to help the young singer.

Justin was released from jail the same day he was arrested and aside from a message to fans on his Twitter page, he had little to say about his arrest.

His father on the other hand, had a few words to say to those who were hating on his son.

Jeremy Bieber, took to his twitter account to let everyone know how he feels about the situation.

While most parents will jump to defend their children in any rough situation, it appears that Jeremy is more worried about defending himself than Justin. After Justin was arrested, rumors that his father was with him during the street race, began to spread. Jeremy denied that he was there.

Jeremy was in Miami with his son, but it has not been proven if he was involved with the racing or present during Justin's arrest. Justin's mother has not released a statement about the arrest but was not present in Miami when it all went down.

Do you think Jeremy Bieber is a bad influence on his son?

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