Jennifer Nettles Is Ready For Her Solo Album


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Jennifer Nettles has been a part of the country music band, "Sugarland", for years. However, she says she is now ready to break away on her own and will release her first solo album on January 14, 2014.

Nettles announced the date at the ASCAP Country Awards on Monday night. This was only one of many appearances she will be making in the near future. She will be in attendance at the CMA Awards on Wednesday night and will also serve as host during the CMA's Christmas show.

Nettles' solo album, "That Girl", is different from anything she has ever done before, being more "intimate and personal". Nettles has promised her fans that they will see a different side of her on this album.

"I think this album so far for me musically has been the most intimate and personal ... musically and vocally," Nettles said. "I think it's way more intimate to me and way more personal in the sense that when you collaborate, that's the nature of collaboration, you're affecting each other, and playing with and inspiring each other, and yet there are things that one may not get to do or want to do when collaborating."

Nettles gave birth to a son, Magnus, 11 months ago and she says "That Girl" will portray her motherly and wifely roles. She says that being a mom and a wife has changed her.

"I'm able to show a side that I think's more womanly," Nettles said. "I think it's more mature, and so that's big for me. I think it gives you perspective all around, not just musically but also in my career. I think you get superefficient because you have to be. You don't worry about things that were super important before because you have a baby and you just burn that underbrush out. You feel like a huntress."

On her personal website, Nettles explains the story behind "That Girl". "That Girl is the story of a woman who has been bamboozled, if you will, by a man," she said. "She doesn't know at the moment of being lured into his sticky web, that he has someone waiting at home. However, when she finds out that he has someone else in the picture, she takes matters into her own hands and says, 'Oh no honey. This is not happening. See, I'm gonna call her and tell her that you're being 'that guy', cause I don't wanna be 'that girl'."

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