Jennifer Lopez's "Booty" Video: Empowering Or Desperate?


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With a title like “Booty”, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised that the very first thing that greets our eyes is a shot of Jennifer Lopez’s voluptuous rear end.

It’s only fair that we see a booty in a video where that’s the name of the song.

But there are just some things one is not prepared for.

Lopez and Iggy Azelea grinding on each other booty-to-booty as the words “you got a big booty” are repeated over and over again?

Most definitely one of those things I was not prepared for.

The result was unintended laughter.

Not that it matters; I doubt anyone associated with this song and video expected it to be taken seriously.

It's perfectly clear that this music video was all about big booties and showing as much butt crack as possible. By all means, watch it for yourself and then try to tell me I'm exaggerating. I dare you:

I honestly expected Nicki Minaj to emerge twerking from the rafters at some point.

The theme and sound of this video isn't too dissimilar from the recently released Anaconda.

Had Minaj made a guest appearance, I doubt anyone would have been remotely shocked.

While it’s great for women with large derrieres that it is once again "socially acceptable" to be anything other than FLAT at the back (the 80's were apparently especially tragic in this regard…), one can’t help but worry that pop culture has gotten carried away about women's booties.

What was supposed to be a trend signaling the love of the feminine form now seems to signal a sneaky way to denigrate womanhood and reduce it along with female artistry to the discussion of their asses and how perky or real they are.

Is Jennifer Lopez just proud of her rear or is this a sad attempt at staying relevant in a market where everything at the moment seems to about the physicality of a singer rather than her talent?

We grownups know or should all know that there is more to a truly sensual woman than the size and shape of her rear end.

Which is why there’s really nothing else to be said about a woman’s ass at this point....Except that maybe someday we’ll allow women to escape ever only being a piece of one in the eyes of greater society.

I won’t hold my breath though.

Jennifer Lopez's outrageous video "Booty" has managed over 15,000,000 views within a two day period.

Sure, sex sells; nothing new or surprising there.

Does Jennifer Lopez's Video Go Too Far Or Is The "Booty" Trend Here To Stay? Comment Below!