Jennifer Lopez Stuns Instagram With Bikini Pic

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Jennifer Lopez and pal Leah Remini have been relaxing on vacation together recently, and the photos they've been sharing on Instagram have caught the attention of fans who are impressed with the singer's enviable bikini body.

The 44-year old was snapped poolside by Remini, who, according to Lopez, shouted "Don't move!" when she spotted her friend in a sexy pose. She also captured her in a red suit, her face in profile.

"Can you be ugly once? Just be normal once!” Remini said on a video she posted to the image sharing site.

The friends have been relaxing in the Hamptons as part of a 45th birthday celebration for Lopez, but she'll be back at work soon promoting her eighth album. After a physically taxing tour and a breakup, Lopez said earlier this year that she still feels good.

“My bones don’t hurt. I feel great. I actually feel better, more confident,” she said.

Lopez held a free show in the Bronx last month, the first she'd ever played in the place where she got her start. Some 20,000 fans went wild for the performance, and Lopez called it a "dream come true".

"This is such an amazing moment for me, I'm so happy to be home. Doing this tonight is honestly a dream come true for me," she said.

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