Jennifer Lawrence Will Just Never Get On Twitter

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Jennifer Lawrence is just not interested in social media. Apparently it is just too much to think about for the mega star.

I think we've all had that feeling, but she is pretty serious.

On Nick Grimshaw's BBC 1 radio program on Tuesday, Jennifer Lawrence declared, "I will never get Twitter. I'm not very good on phone or technology. I cannot really keep up with emails so the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me. I don't really understand what it is. It's like this weird enigma that people talk about. It's fine. I respect that."

"But no, I'll never get a Twitter," she added. "If you ever see a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that says it's me, it most certainly is not."

Well, we may not ever get to enjoy her humor through social media, but we always have Jennifer Lawrence's great red carpet moments and hilarious talk show interviews.

As a matter of fact, she was on the red carpet on Monday night in London for the UK premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I.

In her usual random manner, Jennifer Lawrence spoke of bets on horses.

“Francis Lawrence [the director] owes me a horse to ride in that scene. It’s a present for behaving and not shouting ‘lunch’ at 9 am everyday on set. I’m sure he would hope I would forget about the whole horse thing!”

I, for one, would love to know the full story behind that.

There's also this jewel from the life and times of Jennifer Lawrence. Strangely enough, it's still about horses.

She said, "It's amazing to see so many fans here. Someone gave me a photo of a Shetland pony to sign. I don't know what it means but it's still making me laugh now."

If Jennifer Lawrence ever gets on Twitter, I will most definitely follow her. Would you?

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