Jennifer Lawrence Hates Spoilers As Much as Everyone Else

Josh WolfordLife

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If you're trying to avoid spoilers for, let's say, Homeland, and the first thing you do is jump on Twitter, well, you're an idiot who deserves all the anguish that befalls you.

But if you're just having a conversation with someone and they take it upon themselves to spoil the season 3 ending to a show that you JUST MENTIONED YOU'D ONLY WATCHED THE FIRST TWO SEASONS OF - well, that person is a big meanie. And they're the idiot.

Poor J-Law. I know your pain (Boardwalk Empire season 2. Ugh). Watch Access Hollywood spoil the season 3 finale of Homeland for America's sweetheart below.

Clear Homeland spoilers below - you've been warned.

Josh Wolford

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