Jennifer Hudson Look-A-Like Gets Hassled by Paps

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A poor girl that could be Jennifer Hudson’s doppelganger was chased down by the paparazzi this weekend for an entertainment site. The caption read "Jennifer Hudson dressing to impress" but that was no Jennifer Hudson. It was a random citizen who resembles the Grammy winning beauty!

The poor girl was just walking down the street, minding her own business in a smashing gray outfit. Maybe she was "dressing to impress", but probably not to impress anyone in Jennifer Hudson's crowd.

While we mere mortals can imagine that celebrities live fascinating, carefree, luxurious lives, I think most of us would not trade them for it when it comes to instances like this one. With the recent run-ins with the paparazzi like Jennifer Garner's encounter with a shutterbug and the impending legal action stemming from acts such as that, I can't help but feel...just a little...sorry for them.

I know, I know, they have everything. They never have to clean their own house, or do their own hair, and they take exotic vacations. Not to mention, they have the adoration of millions to keep them warm at night.

But I think it would get a little old being followed everywhere, hounded by people on the street and never having a moment to yourself. I can imagine the rage I would feel as my children were crowded and hassled, and probably terrified, by strangers with cameras. Not being able to do anything without the world knowing about it would be so incredibly uncomfortable!

Now imagine you don't even have all the fame to go with that? You don't have the endless cash flow and the glory of being an American celebrity, yet you are photographed and chased by lunatics shouting, "Jennifer, Jennifer!". That, my friends, must have been unpleasant. And maybe a little funny.

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