Jennifer Aniston's Brother to Be Best Man at Wedding

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Jennifer Aniston previously married Hollywood A-lister, Brad Pitt, who is now engaged to Angelina Jolie. Now, Aniston is aiming at keeping her second wedding small since she reportedly "hated" her giant, fancy wedding to Brad Pitt. "It was too big and incredibly stressful.", according to One News.

"This time she wants a small family affair and she wants to go the extra mile to let her father see that she is happy at last. And she knows that including his son would make him happiest." squeals an insider.

At her upcoming wedding to fiancé Justin Theroux, she is hoping to give her younger brother Alex the major role of best man! Jen is excited to tie the knot with her fiancé, Justin, in a low-key ceremony at the mansion they share in Bel Air, California, and they want to be sure to give Alex one of the big roles on her big day.

Alex, or AJ, is a drifter and a modern nomad that lives in differnt places all the time between Los Angeles and Alaska in his van. He has numerous tattoos on his chest and arms in addition to a number of other inkings. Despite his unusual appearance, Justin is fully on board with the situation. "Justin feels that having AJ act as his best man at the wedding will give him an anchor in the family," a family insider said. "There's no doubt that AJ is quirky, but he's got a good heart and Jen does love him."

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