Jennifer Aniston Pranks BBC Radio 1 Interviewer

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Jennifer Aniston, who’s currently on the road to promote her new film Horrible Bosses 2, pranked a BBC Radio 1 interviewer by pretending to be a horrible interviewee. The star was coerced by BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, who wants to play a prank on his colleague Chris Stark. Mills asked Aniston to be “super mean” to Stark after he asks her an awkward question. When the time came and Stark asked Aniston how she would hit on a guy, the star acted frustrated and incensed. “First of all, I don’t think that’s an extremely appropriate question to ask,” she said. “I’m also committed to somebody. I don’t hit on people.”

Stark, who interviewed Aniston in the past, was anxious because he wanted this interview to go as well as the last one. When the truth was finally revealed, a visibly upset Stark was holding back tears as Aniston apologizes for the prank. She even asked for a tissue and began to dry his eyes. “This makes me feel terrible,” Stark said. “This is my actual nightmare right now.”

Aniston recently appeared on The Talk and gushed about her fiancé, actor and director Justin Theroux. “'He's my creative crush because he's just brilliant at everything he does,” Aniston said in the interview. “He's a wonderful actor. He's a brilliant comedy writer and he's also a beautiful artist and a director. He does everything really well - it drives me crazy! And he's a beautiful human being.”

Jennifer also talked about Justin’s fascination with her first film, the horror flick Leprechaun. “I thought I'd really arrived when I did that movie, yeah,” Jennifer joked about the b-movie flick. “There was no getting him out of watching that. He was staring at it as though it were the most incredible thing he had ever seen.”

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