Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez Discuss Paparazzi in $ellebrity

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Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, and Elton John, among others, discuss the living hell that is the paparazzi in photographer/director Kevin Mazur's upcoming documentary "$ellebrity". The film, which debuted at South by Southwest last March, gives audiences a chance to hear just how agitating, annoying, and downright frustrating life can be when you're dealing with opportunistic tabloid reporters and go-for-broke photographers who make their living capturing every single detail of celebrity life.

In addition to the actors and musicians listed above, the documentary also allows Sheryl Crow, Rosanna Arquette, and Marc Anthony to share their respective tales, the latter of whom discusses the helicopters that circled overhead during his wedding to Jennifer Lopez. Crow, meanwhile, explains how the tabloid coverage affected her life during her breakup with Lance Armstrong and her struggle with breast cancer.

In order to prepare the world for the film's upcoming release, which, as of this writing, does not have a date here in the States, a brand new trailer featuring some intriguing future has been unleashed upon the public. If you've got a few minutes to spare, take a look at the clip embedded below. Although you may not agree with everything these individuals have to say on the subject, the effect such coverage has on the lives of celebrities is hard to ignore.