Jennifer Aniston Fends Off Rumors Engagement Has Ended, Fiancé Is Cheating

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Beloved Friends star Jennifer Aniston has her lovelife under scrutiny once again with rumors circulating about how Justin Theroux has been flirting with other celebrities. The rumors have caused speculation that Aniston’s engagement to Theroux is in trouble.

According to Life & Style magazine, an eyewitness told them that Theroux flirted with Girls star Allison Williams on August 25 at an Emmy Awards afterparty. “He twirled a cigarette, joked and flirted with her,” said the source.

Theroux also reportedly cozied up to Paula Patton, the ex of “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke. “They huddled so close, their lips almost met,” the source said. Aniston became aware of Theroux’s behavior, continued the source, when her friends tipped her off. “She ripped him a new one,” the source said.

The fact that Aniston and Theroux have not yet set a date for the wedding has tongues wagging about whether their engagement is still on. However, Aniston dispelled unsavory rumors about her relationship with The Leftovers actor when she made a guest appearance on The Talk recently. When asked if the wedding was off, Aniston replied, “There was no wedding planned.”

She claimed that the rumors were generated by tabloids simply to tell a more exciting story about her and Theroux. “They're loaded with absolute false information ... They like to create the story, because it's not interesting that we're just really happy, and in love, and feel like we're married," said Aniston.

According to Us Weekly, a source close to the couple supported this statement. The source said that the couple was basking in the feeling of being engaged. They are reportedly planning to have a simple and casual ceremony whenever they finally set the date.

"My life is a happy life," Aniston said in a recent interview on Today. "It's a choice. Justin is probably one of the funniest human beings that I've ever encountered.”

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