Jennie Garth And Tori Spelling Team Up Again


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Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling both starred in the television show 90210 in the 90’s. Jennie played the character of Kelly and Tori played Donna.

The actresses are now working together again on the television show Mystery Girls. The show Mystery Girls is about former co-stars of a hit ’90s detective TV show of the same name. They’ve gone their separate ways, until a crime occurs, and the witness will only talk to them. The girls then open a detective agency and start solving crimes on their own.

While the story line of Mystery Girls is completely different than that of 90210, Jennie says that Tori is just as funny and fun to work with as ever.

“I feel safe doing some, like, goofy, crazy face and voice because it’s my friend. I know she’s gonna be there to support my efforts,” explained Spelling in a recent interview.

“She knows I love it,” added Garth, who readily admits she’s the first to break character in a scene.

Jennie and Tori don’t only act on the show, they are also both executive producers. Tori claims that she enjoys getting to be a part of the little things that makes the show so great.

They both claim that they rarely disagree on things that pertain the show but when they do, Jennie lets Tori have the final say because the show was her idea.

Spelling said that it was always her dream to do a comedy sitcom and is something she enjoys very much.

“I did the best I could on ‘90210.’ Like I tried to make Donna funny. I was in a drama. Everyone else was great at drama, but I was like, ‘I think I’m better at comedy so how can I interject comedy here and there?’ and so Donna was kind of goofy, and I did things here and there, but I was always, this is harder for me. I wish I could do comedy,” Spelling said.

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Image via Wikimedia Commons