Jena Malone Brings Style and Strength To Catching Fire


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Jena Malone is used to playing the role of a strong female in movies and television shows. She played a young girl dealing with abuse from her mother's boyfriend in the movie, “Bastard Out of Carolina,” and played a rough and tough character in “Hatfields & McCoys.” In the" Hunger Games: Catching Fire", she plays the role of Johanna Mason, a former champion and master of throwing axes. Her character adds a new perspective and challenge in the film and will leave you wondering whose side Johanna Mason is really on.

Malone recently spoke up about her role as Johanna Mason in an interview saying,

“It’s kind of like winning the lottery as an actor. I mean, getting to join such an incredible franchise with an amazing book series, an amazing fan base, an amazing cast and you know, having a new director come on board so you don’t feel like you have to kind of fit in to something that’s already been created.”

But strength and great acting skills isn't the only thing Malone has brought to the "Hunger Games Catching Fire." She recently showed some style and skin at the film's premiere in a Nicholas Oaks dress that offered just the right amount of sparkle and fabric. It appears that Malone's style has matured and gone are the days of her childhood awkwardness.

Image from YouTube.