Jenna Dewan Shows Off Post-Baby Body


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Just seven short months after giving birth to her baby girl Everly, Jenna Dewan Tatum is revealing how she lost the baby weight and is showing off her post-baby body.

On the cover of Us Weekly, Dewan is shown wearing short denim shorts and a black and white striped crop top. The cover story reads: "Jenna Dewan Tatum flat abs after baby."

Dewan gave birth on May 31, 2013, and revealed that she had only six weeks to get in shape before she headed to Vancouver to start filming her new Lifetime television show. "I wasn't one of those girls who's obsessed with losing the weight, but that was a pretty good motivator!" she said. "I thought, I've got to fit in the clothes I wore before!"

Working out wasn't something new for Dewan, seeing as though she tried to keep in the best shape possible during her pregnancy. "I wanted to keep the muscles alive," she explained. "Plus, I felt so much better. Working out kept me sane. I would feel a burst of energy and all my hormones would regulate."

Dewan also said that she wanted to give her baby the best nutrition possible while she was pregnant, and she didn't over indulge herself in food. "I think a lot of women find out they're pregnant and are like, 'Let's go crazy and eat ice cream every day!'" the longtime vegetarian told Us. "To me, it was, 'I'm growing a human being, and I want to give this little soul the best nutrition I can.'"

Image via Wikimedia Commons