Jenelle Evans: Twitter Reacts To Jace's Crying

Lacy LangleyLife

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Jenelle Evans loves sharing her personal life with the world.

Why else would she be on reality TV showcasing the train wreck that is her life?

She is especially fond of airing her problems out on Twitter.

This week has been especially problematic for the Teen Mom star, apparently.

After Wednesday's episode of Teen Mom, wherein she and her mother partook in a yelling match over Nathan not wanting to help with the baby shower, she tweeted:

Then followed it up with this one:

Jenelle Evans is admittedly an emotional pregnant girl and blames a lot of her problems on her mother, but this time she seems to have asked for it.

The fiasco with her mother attracted a lot of attention and remarks.

Ouch. Those were just a handful of the clean ones.

Jenelle Evans has had it pretty rough, but some would say she's brought it on herself.

What do you think?

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