Jenelle Evans Tweets About Leaving Jace


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Jenelle Evans is trying to get her life together and make things better for her and her children, but it wasn't too long ago that she had a habit of leaving her son Jace anytime things got tough.

Anyone who watched Jenelle on Teen Mom 2 knows how she and her mother Barbara would argue and scream at each other whenever they had a disagreement. The fights usually ended with Jenelle either leaving angry or Barbara kicking her out. As if the fighting between the mother and daughter wasn't bad enough on its own, it seemed to make matters worse that innocent little Jace was always around to watch and hear the fights go down.

When Jenelle would leave Jace would often cry for her, which is something Jenelle says that she couldn't stand to see or hear. On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Barbara get into a fight about Jenelle's baby shower and the fact that her boyfriend refused to help out with it.

As usual, Jenelle left Jace with Barbara and stormed out the door during the fight. The episode showed Jace crying after Jenelle left. Jenelle decided to tweet about the episode, hoping people would understand why she was so quick to leave her son.

While some people felt like Jenelle was right to leave and put a stop to the screaming and fighting that was taking place in front of her son, others felt like she was wrong to leave her scared and confused toddler behind just because she was angry.

Barbara has temporary custody of Jace, but Jenelle plans to try to regain custody of him someday soon. She is now the mother of a second son and says that she is focused on school and getting her life together. Hopefully she and her mother can stop screaming and fighting constantly, or at least avoid doing it around Jenelle's young children.