Jenelle Evans Blasts Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

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Jenelle Evans agrees with MTV's decision not to include Farrah Abraham on this season's Teen Mom. Evans thinks the show is better off without the scandal-ridden sex tape star.

Some might agree, but Abraham thinks the show will suffer without her, and doesn't seem all that concerned about it.

“No one ever said they wished I would not be back,” she said. She then added, “Some of the moms on the show still need that. Fortunately for me, I have other ways of making money. I can’t keep doing the same things year after year.”

Jenelle Evans' former co-star is definitely not short on other ways to make money. The teen mom has dabbled in written erotica, the sex tape business, sex toys, and now a new stripping gig, which began "as research", that pays over half a million per year.

However, Evans isn't impressed.

She seems to think that Abraham just isn't that great of a fit on the show and of course, like all teen moms, she is super worried about being a good role model for her kids and keeping wholesome company.


While Farrah Abraham must be fully aware of Janelle Evans' disdain for her, she doesn't seem to be too perturbed.

Hopefully, these teen moms will find what they are looking for in life and their stories might help other young girls who may be on the verge of falling into a similar situation.

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