Jelly Bean Now On Almost 60 Percent Of All Android Devices


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At the beginning of December, it was revealed that Jelly Bean was on 54.5 percent of all Android devices. At the time, it seemed likely that Jelly Bean would reach 60 percent marketshare thanks to the holiday season. While it didn't quite reach that point, it's getting awfully close.

In the latest Android stats released today, Google reports that Jelly Bean is now on 59.1 percent of all Android devices. Most Jelly Bean users are on versions 4.1 or 4.2, but use of 4.3 is climbing as it has jumped from 4.2 percent to 7.8 percent in just a month.

Jelly Bean Now On Almost 60 Percent Of All Android Devices

As you can see, KitKat is still chugging along with a 0.3 percent increase in 30 days. The newest OS is still not available on a lot of devices so growth will be slow for a while. As for Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, both versions are still slowly losing ground to Jelly Bean. By next month, Gingerbread may finally make up less than 20 percent of the entire Android ecosystem.

As we progress through 2014, expect to see KitKat grow as more devices with the OS enter the market. While the devices shipping in early 2014 will probably have 4.3, the devices shipping later this year will most likely get 4.4. After all, it takes OEMs a while to test these new versions of Android and slap their own skins over them.

2014 may also be the year that Android makes the jump to non-traditional devices, like cars. Last week, Google revealed that it had partnered with auto and tech companies to form the Open Automative Alliance. The initiative is seen as a way to get Android into cars without having drivers rely on the dangerous habit of playing with their phone while on the road. It will also help Android break out of its mobile ecosystem and become an operating system that powers everything.

Image via Android Developers