Jean-Claude Van Damme Spreads His Legs For New GoDaddy Small Business Ad

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GoDaddy knows how to advertise to get people's attention. If there's one thing the company is known for outside of domains, it's that.

For years, the company has run ads (including many Super Bowl ads) with the "sex sells" angle. Now, in what a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews is a "permanent shift" away from the GoDaddy girls to a new strategy, they have tapped screen legend Jean-Claude Van Damme to spread his legs (in true Jean-Claude Van Damme fashion) to sell the "More business. More ready." angle.

Brace yourself.

Van Damme

Van Damme

Van Damme

Van Damme

Van Damme

The ad kicks off a new brand strategy the company is launching, targeting small businesses.

The "It's go time" line Van Damme says at the end of the ad is a new company-wide "messaging transformation," GoDaddy says.

“This is the radical shift we knew we had to make and it’s more than just marketing,” said GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving. “A brand is a promise to our customers and a commitment to understand their needs. Our mission is to ‘fight the good fight for the go getter’ … the small business owner … or anyone who labors for the love of it and wants the benefits of the latest technology without having to be an expert.”

GoDaddy is also unveiling a new website design and interface with a "streamlined" checkout process and a re-built Website Builder product.

On the shift in advertising approach, GoDaddy says Van Damme represents the "ass-kicker inside every small business owner," and the ad is one of two that people will see on TV (it will debut during the NFL season-opener on NBC tonight).

“This is definitely different for us, but you’ll see we still have a sense of humor,” said GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman. “We think Jean-Claude is hilarious. ‘The muscles from Brussels’ certainly helps make the commercial memorable, but the story also illustrates the struggles and time constraints many small business owners face every day. Our job is ‘to be there’ for these small business owners who want to attract more customers with beautiful websites that are easy to create and affordable to maintain.”

Here's GoDaddy's "Manifesto of Kick Ass":

According to the company, the new strategy comes after "months of intensive research, customer segmentation, customer surveys and employee input," and since Irving took over as CEO early this year, there has been "an intense focus on products and personnel".

Indeed, the company has gained talent and senior leaders from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay and Intuit, and acquired start-ups and Locu.

Images: GoDaddy (YouTube)

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