Jason Sudeikis Confirms SNL Exit


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Jason Sudeikis has confirmed that he will follow former cast-mates Bill Hader and Fred Armisen in leaving Saturday Night Live. For many fans the announcement has been a long time coming, but Sudeikis finally came clean during an interview with David Letterman that aired last night.

In losing Sudeikis SNL also loses a stable of consistent characters such as his takes on the devil and Vice President Joe Biden. Having a solid political impersonation in your back pocket has always been easy money for any SNL cast member, and Sudeikis created a vision of Biden that many viewers have adopted for their opinion of the real life VP.

In response to Letterman's question of if Sudeikis is really done the comedian replied “Yeah, I’m gonna leave. Yeah, I’m not coming back next fall.” While the response may seem rather flippant, it is definitive. There is no question that Lorne Michaels and crew will be looking for an apt replacement, and they may be hard-pressed to find someone of the same caliber.

Leaving the show will give Sudeikis ample time to pursue his big screen acting career. He has already starred in the successful ensemble comedy "Horrible Bosses", which has a sequel in the works. With his newly found availability, he will surely find his way into more movies.

[Video available thanks to EW]