Jason Dufner Tells How Many Beers PGA Trophy Holds


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After a close loss in a playoff in the 2011 PGA Championship, Jason Dufner completed a lifelong goal this past weekend by winning the same tournament. With that type of victory comes a certain amount of slack, such as being able to knock back a few cold ones out of the Wanamaker Trophy, which is given to the tournament's winner.

And by a few, I mean 43.

Far be it for me to stop someone from celebrating such a major achievement, but 43 seems a little excessive. Then again, I've never won a major golf tournament, so what do I know?

Dufner also took his coveted trophy to bed with him, prompting his wife to Instagram a photo of the scene.

Here's to you Jason Dufner, for doing all of the things with a championship trophy that guys dream of. Now just tweet a pic of you using it as a Jello mold and we'll have all of the bases covered.