Jada Pinkett Smith Mentions Addictions On Facebook


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The Smith family has not resembled The Cleaver family lately. There have been many rumors circulating concerning Will and Jada Smith selling their house, having an open-marriage, and their imminent divorce. The bad media hasn't been limited to Will and Jada, though. Their son Jaden became the target of Twitter-ridicule last week after releasing a series of tweets in which he pontificated about issues such as intelligence, school, and rules.

Now, the rumor mill is churning once again. This time, Jada Pinkett Smith finds herself the target of the media for recent comments posted on her Facebook account. In a status update on September 19th, Smith mentioned having past addictions:

Jada Pinkett Smith Facebook Status

Since that post, the media has been ablaze concerning the addictions mentioned. Most outlets seem to agree that the addictions are of the drug or eating disorder variety.

Smith has previously commented on the conditions she grew up in as a child, giving credence to the beliefs that the addictions centered on drugs: "I grew up in a drug-infested neighborhood where you walk out each day and you just hope that you make it. I came from a war zone. There was a possibility that I wouldn't make it past 21—that was the reality. When I turned 40 (last year) it was a surreal moment because I had never imagined reaching 40."

The drug theory also makes sense considering Smith's mother was a drug-addict herself. In commenting about the lifestyle of luxury her children live compared to her own upbringing, Smith remarked, "What I had to think about was, 'Oh man, I wonder what I'm going to eat tonight because there's no food here. How am I going to get to school? And is my mom going to be okay today? Will this be one more day she survives her addiction?' That's the kind of stuff I had to think about at 11."

The buzz that has been created surrounding this Facebook status demonstrates how obsessed Americans are with celebrities. Jada Pinkett Smith hasn't been involved in any successful projects in a long time (Her last major project was the TV series "Hawthorne", which ended in 2011), and yet the internet still goes crazy due to a rather ambiguous and benign Facebook post. Smith did not reveal what her addictions were, yet the speculation still runs amok. Perhaps she was addicted to Cheerios, which could only result in lower cholesterol and a healthy heart? Until her next Facebook update, the world may never know...

Image via Facebook