Jacqueline Laurita Starts Twitter Feud With Dina Manzo


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On Sunday night, Dina Manzo made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live and talked about several of her costars to Andy Cohen.

Manzo told Cohen that she felt like her brother Chris hadn't put much effort into keeping a relationship with her. Chris had attempted to reach out to Manzo after her separation but Manzo claimed that he never followed through with the relationship.

While Manzo may have thought she was getting the last laugh by expressing her opinion about the ladies and her family online, Jacqueline Laurita wasn’t happy about her comments and tweeted about her own feelings.

“I kept my mouth shut for four years, Jacqueline opened the door by coming back on the show. Right now I don’t want to make a relationship with Jacqueline, I don’t. I will say Chris reached out when he heard I was separated and I could not have been happier but that lasted all of fifteen minutes….and we had a plan to meet and I don’t want to get into it obviously not everyone was on the same page,” Manzo said on the show.

Laurita snapped back on Twitter and the feud began.

Of course, fans of both ladies and the show were quick to jump in and add fuel to the fire and as with most Twitter feuds, nothing was solved.

Do you think Laurita and Lanzo will ever make amends?