Jacqueline Bisset Gives Memorable Golden Globes Speech


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In a few days, no one will really remember much about what happened at the Golden Globes Sunday night. No one will really remember who won what award or who wore what. In fact, the whole show will probably become a blur. Except for one part; one brilliant, awesome part: Jacqueline Bisset’s acceptance speech.

Indeed, this epic speech will see more than its fair share of time on television and computer screens around the world. It will also be discussed around the water cooler. Filled with suspense, emotion, some awkward moments, and even some cursing, this speech is the stuff of legends.

The 69-year-old star won best supporting TV actress for her role in the British series Dancing on the Edge, which aired in the US on Starz. From the moment her name was called to come up to the stage to accept her award, awkwardness ensued.

It’s pretty safe to say that Bisset was not in any hurry to get up on that stage. The star slowly strolled from her table to the stage, and even made a pit stop along the way to say “hi” to End of the Game costar Jon Voight.

Once she stood behind the podium, Bisset greeted the audience with emotional silence. The actress was visibly taken aback by the whole situation, and had to take a few breaths to compose herself before she was able to speak. Unfortunately, things didn’t get much better after this.

Bisset reminded the audience that she was actually nominated at the 1969 Golden Globes for “most promising newcomer.” She also gave a shout out to actor Chiwetel Ejiofor for inspiration and moral support during her speech. She then stumbled back and forth between thanking people, saying a curse word, and giving advice on forgiveness.

The actress attributed her behavior on stage to being shocked at how quickly her category came.

“I was told that my category was coming up second to last, so I was absolutely stunned,” she said in an interview. “I wondered why the guy was there with a camera filming me. I thought, ‘What’s he looking at here?’ I was completely out of it. I kept thinking, ‘Where’s my dinner?’ And I still haven’t gotten the dinner I was expecting. I can’t really remember what I said.”

Twitter was abuzz with reactions to Bisset's speech:

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