J.R. Smith: He's Not the Only Knucklehead in the NBA


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Now that Knicks' guard J.R. Smith has returned from suspension, after the whole shoelace scandal, we decided to list other NBA players who went the knucklehead route and got in trouble. And while Smith's actions got him in a mess with the league and not the police, these other players weren't so lucky.

Charles Barkley- If you watch TNT's "Inside the NBA," then you already know that Charles Barkley loves to be extra critical of the players, especially the younger ones. Which is why some thought it was ironic that he was pulled over for drunk driving on his way to visit a prostitute. "I was going to drive around the corner and get [a sex act]," he said, when asked what he was doing at the moment. Maybe Barkley who obviously lives in a glass house should give up throwing stones once and for all.

Carmelo Anthony- When Anthony was playing for the Denver Nuggets he was pulled over by police for drunk driving while in town for a home game. After failing a few sobriety tests, he was arrested and ultimately suspended for two games. Fortunately for Anthony, he avoided jail time and received probation instead.

Kyle Lowry- Who says arguments between player and referee happen during serious competition, because Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry lost his cool during a charity game in Las Vegas. In a heated exchange, Lowry cursed-out the ref and through something at her, which scored him some community service and anger management classes.

Jason Kidd- In July of 2012 the former basketball player, who's now a coach for the Brooklyn Nets, crashed his car into a telephone poll after having one too many. As a result, he was arrested and suspended for two games. The arrest was somewhat out of character for Kidd, as he usually showed so much discipline on the court. But as those on this list have showed us, sometimes there's an infinite sized divide between a player's on-court actions and what he does off the court.

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