iTV: Best Buy Leaks Details?


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Best Buy released a customer survey purporting to show details about an “Apple HDTV.” According to the survey, the device will sport a 42-inch screen, run iOS, access the App Store, and support iCloud. The survey also promises an iSight camera and microphone. The survey also predicts a price tag of $1,499.

The survey, obtained by The Verge from an anonymous source, is a customer interest survey conducted by Norwegian firm Confirmit, which has done research for Best Buy in the past. The real question is whether the specs listed in the survey come from actual data about the long-rumored iTV, or are just guesses. Given Apple’s famed secrecy about upcoming products, it is hard to imagine a research firm in Norway obtaining such detailed information about the iTV so far in advance. Nor is it likely that Best Buy would have access to this kind of detail about the iTV this early. Apple frequently shares little (if any) more with retailers than with the public. While most of the specs listed are reasonable, they are also almost certainly guesses.

The Verge has a gallery with screencaps of the iTV related questions. The screencap showing the specs is included below, courtesy of The Verge.

Best Buy iTV Survey

What do you think? Is Best Buy guessing, or could they know something the rest of us don’t? Sound off in the comments.