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Google+ and photography. They fit together like Cinderella and her slipper. Hall & Oates. Facebook and annoying baby posts.

Every day, Google+ trends a photography-related hashtag. Yesterday, we oooo'ed and aaaahh'ed over #LongExposureThursday. Other weekday photo showcases include #MacroMonday, #TreeTuesday and #WildlifeWednesday.

But nothing is as pretty as #FloralFriday.

Here's the best of what the Google+ community has to offer:

Andrey Vlasoff

#floralfriday+FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner 
#HQSPFlowers and #HQSPPromotion curated by +HQSPPromotion +Mukundh B +Carina Marsh +Marina Versaci +Thierry Raemaekers +Syuzanna Avetisyan +Rinus Bakker

Rob Gordon

Hope everyone is having a nice #fidofriday  and #floralfriday  

Christina Lawrie

Something a little different for my #FloralFriday   contribution! Thanks to +Tamara Pruessner for curating!

Barry Blanchard

Strawflower, The Grand Opening.

#floralfriday  by +Tamara Pruessner 

Patti Rains

for #floralfriday  I took a photo at a park in Ardmore, Ok, of some very beautiful and perfectly shaped flowers - I guess they're roses. 

[Lead Image courtesy Dru Stefan Stone]
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