Is This What The iPhone 5S Looks Like? [Rumor]


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At 1 p.m. EST today, Apple will unveil its latest iPhone to the world. It's accepted at this point that the phone will be called the iPhone 5S, and will look very similar to the current iPhone 5. What we don't know is what the iPhone 5S actually looks like, but a new leak may have provided the answer.

French Web site has shared a render of the iPhone 5S that it obtained from one of its sources. The image looks legitimate enough, and seems to match up pretty well with what we've heard about the device thus far.

The major difference between the iPhone 5 and the 5S is that it now has a circular home button. The render also shows that the home button now doubles as a Touch ID sensor. If true, the below render confirms the oft-rumored fingerprint sensor.

Is This What The iPhone 5S Looks Like?

Whether or not this turns out to be the iPhone 5S, you can expect something that looks very similar to the iPhone 5. It will probably receive a bump in specs, but nothing that extraordinary. By most accounts, it's looking like the star of the show will be the new fingerprint sensor. The company called NFC a fad back in June so it will have to prove to us today that its inclusion of a fingerprint sensor isn't just that - a fad destined for irrelevance.

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