iPhone Fingerprint Scanner IS Coming

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Apple is expected to release a new iPhone in this month, and new reports indicate that the next version -- assumed to be called the iPhone 5S -- will have a fingerprint reader.

In photos leaked by Nowhereelse.fr the photo showcases the bare hardware component for the fingerprint reader. The picture shows the home button flex cable but its a much more complex version of the same hardware that is found inside the iPhone 5. As noted the new flex cable features a “mysterious square element” which likely points to the iPhone fingerprint option.

The photos seem to show the scanner located near the home button. iPhone fingerprint reader rumors for the 5S heated up after references to a biometric fingerprint sensor showed up in the code for older iOS 7 beta versions. While we are running on rumors and speculation at this time the iPhone 5S will be officially revealed during Apple’s September 10 press conference.

While Apple will almost definitely release the iPhone 5S with the highly touted iPhone fingerprint reader the company has to hope that people will care about the new technology. On the one hand the fingerprint reader can make for a more secure mobile device and will be a temptation for those that must have the newest toy on the block. On the other hand, only a handful of customers may care about the new feature and the general public may not find it to be reason enough to upgrade from their already capable iPhone 5 devices.

The invitation for the big September 10th release date yesterday, and was welcomed by eager Apple fans everywhere.

image via nowhereelse.fr

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