iPhone 8 Will Not Have a Home Button According to Rumored Specs

Apple has not revealed the release date for the iPhone 8, yet speculations about the highly-anticipated device continue to circulate over the internet. The latest on its rumored features seem to confirm the scrapping of the Home button.

Images of the alleged dummy phone were leaked recently and it confirmed some of the talk about Apple’s latest gadget featuring a bezel-less display. The 5.8-inch OLED screen, meanwhile, envelops the whole front face of the device which is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

While Apple fans are still trying to get used to the audio jack-free iPhone 7, the Cupertino-based company is trying to force-feed another innovation. Instead of the Home button at the bottom, users will see a Touch Bar that will likely include a Touch ID and fingerprint sensor, which will be integrated into the display.

If the rumors prove true, users won’t need to push a button; rather, they just have to rest their fingers on this specific spot to access the menu.

The rumored specs for the iPhone 8 also elude to an upgrade of the secondary speaker for the device. This is a departure from its design for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which utilized the earpiece as a secondary speaker, but didn’t really impress users.

This change will reportedly enhance the audio quality. However, there are no specifics yet, particularly on whether the quality will be similar to the primary loudspeaker on the iPhone 7 dual stereo device.

The iPhone 8 will supposedly also be as thin as its predecessor (7.1mm) and have the same size overall. It should, however, look larger due to the bezel-less display. The other rumored specifications include wireless charging, 3GB of RAM, and a “3D-sensing front camera.” It’s also rumored that the device will come bundled with the wireless AirPods to replace the earpieces that come with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Previous reports alleged that the iPhone 8 will have 30% more battery life, thanks to having an L-shaped battery pack. If that proves true, the upgrade will likely push the price of the device over $1,000, which is $200 more than the current generation of Apple’s flagship phone.

The iPhone 8 will reportedly be released in the fall of 2017, although Apple has yet to confirm this.