iPhone 6 Plus Is NOT A Phone For Pockets Say Unhappy Customers


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This is probably one of the more bizarre complaints about the new iPhone 6 Plus (we’ll get to the old standbys in a minute), but according to some unhappy Apple customers the newest phone fails in a unique way.

Allegedly the Plus phone bends if you put the device in your pocket.

Before you get confused, it’s not a matter of less than savvy individuals stuffing a cellphone into their back pockets and then sitting on their brand new iPhones.

Instead the problem is caused by placing the iPhone 6 Plus in one's front pocket.

There is no distinction given between standing or sitting as what causes this specific issue; it seems that simple the act of carrying the phone around in a front pocket will supposedly result in a bent product.

This rumor led to an investigation by Lewis Hilsenteger over at Unbox Therapy.

The results? Well, see for yourself:

After applying quite a bit of pressure, the iPhone 6 Plus did bend significantly. As the host pointed out, the phone's body is made of mainly aluminium. Hisenteger shared that aluminum happens to be "one of the more malleable metals" around.

He also mentioned that in order to see a significant bend in your Plus phone, the “tightness of the pants” you choose to wear will likely represent a huge factor.

So if you’re a fan of skinny jeans, this means you probably don’t want your iPhone anywhere near your pockets.

There are other durability issues, such as whether or not the iPhone 6 and Plus are waterproof.

The short answer is absolutely not, but apparently there's a case for that.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also seemed to fail the drop test administered by PhoneBuff:

Judging by the above, you probably want to hope like heck that you drop your phones on their back with minor scuffing as the only outcome.

This isn’t good news for Apple, which has been dogged by Samsung and their customers happily pointing out that what’s “new” to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus customers is quite “old” to their brand.

The question now is if durability and originality issues will drive Apple back to the drawing board for the iPhone 7?