iPhone 5 Rumor: Thinner, Wider According to Supposed Case Design

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If you're feeling a bit fatigued by all the iPhone 5 rumors coming from supply chain sources and part manufacturers, here's something completely different.

Italian Apple blog Macitynet has come across an alleged iPhone 5 case, and has taken it upon themselves to snap an extensive set of photos of the purported case with various current Apple products tucked inside. They've put an iPhone 4, an iPod and an iPod touch inside the supposed iPhone 5 case and what do you know, none of the devices can fill it out.

That's right, the case for the iPhone 5 is huge compared to the iPhone 4. It's not only wider and longer, but it is also thinner. It doesn't take too much deduction to figure out what this could mean for the iPhone 5. Is it going to be wider, longer, and thinner?

Here are some shots from the gallery -

The iPhone 5 has been rumored thinner and lighter, based on some reports from component suppliers.

These photos demonstrate what the relative size of the iPhone 5 would be if it ends up being significantly larger than the iPhone 4. There have been rumors for months that the iPhone 5 could have a 4 inch + screen, but the latest reports suggest that it may simply launch with a 3.5 -3.7 inch screen.

Of course, there's no way of knowing if this case if actually for an iPhone 5. If anything, these photos show us just how large the device could be, if some of the rumors prove true.

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