iPhone 5 Plus New iTunes, iPod Touch, & iPod Nano Appear on Apple's Site (With Some Digging)

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We know that the Apple Store is currently down, which is the longtime signal for "hey we're about to launch some new stuff!" And now, Apple has let a few dead links slip into search results on the site, which give us some details into what the company will be unveiling at today's press event.

A search on Apple's website has revealed some links to press releases slated for today. The actual links take us "page not found" prompts, but the URLs give us the goods on what Apple is revealing in a couple of hours.

First, one press release says "Apple Introduces iPhone 5." Now we know that "iPhone 5" is the official name of the new device (we were already pretty sure, but "new iPhone" was still a tiny possibility).

Another release says "Apple unveils New iTunes."

Another search leads us to this inactive link: "Apple Introduces New iPod Touch iPod Nano":

Various searches unearthed nothing about an iPad mini, by the way.

We'll know soon enough. Apple's event is set to kick off at 1 pm ET. We'll be covering it as it happens.

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