iPhone 5 Demand Hits "Unprecedented" High

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The iPhone 5 hasn't even been announced and already people are sure that they are going to buy it. That's the takeaway from a survey reported by RBC Capital today.

Of course, the next-gen Apple smartphone doesn't have to be officially announced for people to speculate about its arrival. The most up to date rumors put the iPhone 5 release somewhere in early-to-mid October, with a possible pre-sale kicking off in late September.

Rumors regarding the specs are a little harder to group together, with one report contradicting the next. Some say that the device will be thinner and possibly wider, while others say that it will not deviate much from the iPhone 4 design.

Whatever the case, people want it.

According to the survey, 13% say that they are very likely to purchase the iPhone 5, whenever it arrives. 18% say they are somewhat likely. That means that 31% said that that are very/somewhat likely to grab the device when it launches. That's 6% more than the demand for the iPhone 4 prior to its launch in 2010.

These numbers jump up when talking to existing iPhone users. 66% of them say that they will upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it comes out.

Another interesting stats from the survey is that 54% of current Sprint subscribers and 53% of current T-Mobile subscribers say they are very/somewhat likely to but the iPhone 5 if and when it arrives on their network. The latest reports indicate that it will probably launch on Sprint and possibly launch on T-Mobile.

Josh Wolford
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