iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Jailbreak Gets A Million Downloads In 24 Hours


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Last week we brought you news that Absinthe, the long-awaited jailbreak for A5-powered iOS 5 devices - iPhone 4S and iPad 2 - was finally available from Greenpois0n. The rush to download the new jailbreak was so great, in fact, that the Greenpois0n site was down for much of the day, and users had difficulty downloading the Absinthe. Moreover, those who did manage to download it had couldn’t install it, because it required contact with Greenpois0n’s servers to activate.

Server difficulties notwithstanding, though, Absinthe was a hit. Joshua Hill, jailbreak developer from the Chronic Dev Team, told Cult of Mac that Absinthe was downloaded over a million times in the first 24 hours of availability. What’s more, all of those one million downloads came before the Windows version of Absinthe was even available, meaning that the amazing first day numbers only account for Mac users. This makes Absinthe the most popular download-based jailbreak tool ever.

Since the initial release of the Mac version of Absinthe, we’ve seen the release of the Windows version and an update. Download numbers for the Windows version are not available at present, but it’s safe to say they are probably pretty high also.

If you’re interested in jailbreaking your iPhone 4S, check out Greenpois0n’s website to download Absinthe.

Are you one of the million who downloaded Absinthe on the first day? Have you downloaded it since? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.